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My name is Matthew Keener, and I'm an engineering student at Bowling Green State University, in Bowling Green, Ohio. This is my prize possession, my 1986 Mercury Colony Park station wagon. It came equipped with 5.0 liter V8 engine rated @ 210horsepower, premium 5 speaker sound system, variable air shocks in rear, and every power amenity imaginable. These are photos of me and my baby, the mammoth V8, the power seats, the power windows, locks and mirror assembly, and a creative photo that I took. This car currently has approximately 160,000 miles, and still runs strong. It was used as a work vehicle for about 4 years, where duties included hauling it's weight in paint 100 miles, and doubling as a family car, so it's worth it's weight in gold. it has minimal rust, and problems. It's sustained the abuse of a male teenager, such as hitting shopping carts at 50+ mph., jumping railroad tracks, and hauling around 10 friends (sorry dad). Still it remains indestructible, and beautiful. The 5 mph bumpers have kept the car virtually unscathed. Adorned in chrome, and wood, this gas-guzzling station wagon has earned the respect of many, and the love of it's owner.

The wagon was an icon at my high school (T.W. Harvey), and still is among friends.  The list of escapades in the wagon is long and distinguished*.  Day after day, the wagon continues to perform duties beyond the realm of it's ability.  At one point in time, the wagon was leaking oil like a sieve out of the breather tube, and was due for an emissions test the upcoming week.  I ended up fastening a bicycle water bottle cradle on under the hood.  In it I placed a water bottle which I attached to the end of the breather tube to collect the oil.  After testing, I realized that the oil was hot, and needed to be vented.  I ran another tube out of the bottle and into the air cleaner, so that the fumes just recycled themselves!

*the long and distinguished list of wagon escapades

1.  hitting railroad tracks at 70mph. and becoming momentarily airborne.              

2.  hitting things such as leaf bags, trashcans, shopping carts, other cars, signs, trees, snow piles, dumpsters, curbs, buildings, port-o-potties, swing sets, field goal posts, tackling dummies, fences, shrubbery, and people.  

3.  pushing cars (silky, b)

4.  hauling 2 tons of paint back from Cleveland

5.  hauling around 10+ of my friends

6.  adorning front yards and driveways around the county

7.  increasing our property value

8.  picking up chicks

9.  turfing

*to be updated*